Upon successful completion of your online training course you will automatically be sent an email with your assessment results. At the bottom of the email there will be a heading saying: ‘Certificate Location’ next to this you should see a ‘blue underlined hyperlink’ this is a link which will enable you to download your fully approved and registered IATP or RoSPA generated asbestos awareness certificate.

If you have chosen the IATP or the RoSPA course then the certificates will comply with all aspects of the current HSE Regulations on training to reduce the risks from asbestos whilst at work. 

Both certificates will contain a unique reference number personal to you. It is advisable to save a copy of your asbestos awareness certificate on your PC, Laptop or Mac for future reference and safekeeping.

If you leave your current employment and you require a duplicate copy of your certificate for your new employer, just give us a call we will issue a duplicate free of charge!

If you are experiencing difficulties in obtaining your certificate please contact us by calling: 0800 122 3391 or email: support@aacc.uk

The Asbestos Awareness Certificate Company are not responsible for any loss in work or earnings relating to the delegate experiencing issues with our services concerning problems with their PC and email.

Please allow adequate time to complete the course and download your certificate from our servers. Although our services are available 24 hours per day and can be completed on any internet enabled devices please note that it is the delegate’s responsibility to ensure that they have arranged for their training to be completed in good time before any potential employment is to be commenced.