All of our courses are fully approved, accredited and HSE compliant!

All of the asbestos awareness courses we provide have undergone strenuous audit and procedural checks to ensure that you the learner are guaranteed the highest quality of delivery and content throughout the training course.

To allow greater flexibility for you we have had our courses approved by 2 independent organisations:

The Independent Asbestos Training Providers, known as IATP. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, known as RoSPA. We have also had our online asbestos awareness course fully accredited by Accreditat who are our external accreditation body.

It is important that any training provider who delivers any form of training are deemed to be a ‘competent training provider’ so that the content and delivery of the course is of a high standard and in line with Health & Safety Executive Regulations and guidance. Our courses are researched and created by some the UKs leading experts on Asbestos and E-Learning unsurpassed for their individual expertise and experience in these industries.

Our trainers

All of the trainers we use for the traditional face to face training courses and those involved in the development of our on-line courses in asbestos awareness are independently audited and approved by IATP. Each trainer is qualified to the highest standards in asbestos management, asbestos removal and Health & Safety guidance. This ensures that the course you undertake will be of the highest possible quality standards in content and of course delivery.

Our guarantee to you!

Managing and Working with Asbestos and The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. ACoP L143 Paragraph 258;
With regards to companies providing training, it states that:
‘All training should be given by people who are competent to do so and who have personal practical experience and a theoretical knowledge of all relevant aspects of the work being carried out by the employer’
All of the courses supplied by AACC fully comply with this section of this HSE document!